Play To Your Strengths

Your team has the time to focus on shipping new features, websites, and products.

Keep Your Focus

Stay billable and on task while QCat takes on the disruption of testing and issue reporting.

Be Current

We test on the latest browsers and follow best practices, always.

QA Testing

Bug Hunting & Reporting

Nothing replaces the human ability to nitpick for quality control. That's why we use finely trained eyeballs and the latest QA tools.


Expert Testing & Recommendations

Our thorough process helps you solve design and code challenges to make your project beautiful and functional for all.

What we do

From web apps to sites to software, we’ve got you covered.

Fix Visual Problems

  • Visual & type consistency
  • Spacing & headings
  • Hover & focus states
  • Logos, favicons, image renders
  • Color contrast

Test browsers & devices

  • Phone, tablet, desktop
  • Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox
  • Screen readers (JAWS/NVDA/VO)
  • Magnification
  • Responsive content breaks

Verify Forms

  • Error messages
  • Mandatory fields
  • Submissions
  • Accessible forms/interactions

Improve Interactions

  • Page loads, buttons, live links
  • Media & downloads
  • Text resizing & high contrast mode
  • Search & 404s

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